Top-Speed ConvertKit Email Templates Development for Agencies & Brands

EmailCraft develops custom-tailored, pixel-perfect, and responsive email templates that integrate perfectly with ConvertKit. Get every message across. Impress your audience.

Convertkit HTML Email Templates Development Service for Aspiring Businesses

Are you an agency or brand owner looking for a ConvertKit HTML email development company to have a set of custom templates built for your campaign TODAY? EmailCraft fits the bill.

Instant Start

We will get down to building your template the moment you fire the starting gun.

Super Fast Delivery

We craft templates in 7 business hours or less if you are fighting the clock.

Unmatched Quality

We are obsessed with quality. Thousands of our clients can attest to that.

What You Get When You Order Our CovertKit Email Templates Development Service


When ordering our ConvertKt HTML email templates development service, you get back responsive templates by default.

Top-Notch Design Service

Need a design for your template? We will take care of that. Just give us a few basic details.

Mobile-Friendly Templates

Whatever mobile devices your recipients use, your template will render perfectly everywhere.

Real Device QA

We never use emulators to make sure that our templates render as expected.

Rocket Fast Delivery

It normally takes us 7 hours to build one template. Need faster? We will arrange that too.

Top-Quality Code

We write all the code with our hands. It is clean and well-validated.

Our Tried-and-True ConvertKit HTML Email Templates Development Workflow

  • 1


    Choose the options you require (development, compatibility). You will instantly see the project cost and ETA in the Summary section on the same page. Are you OK with those? Then attach your design(s) and click Order Now to get the ball rolling.
  • 2


    The EmailCraft ConvertKit HTML email development team starts doing their magic.
  • 3


    We run your template against more than 70 email clients and 12 real devices to be confident that you get an absolutely flawless product.
  • 4


    We send you your beautifully-crafted, engaging, well-tested, and responsive email template.

Take a Sneak Peek at Some of Our Templates

Why ConvertKit

Among the numerous means of promoting services and products online like social media, email marketing rightly occupies a leading position just like it did a couple of decades or so ago.

More than that. Email marketing has become even more effective than it used to be thanks to a large number of automation tools available on the market these days. That sophisticated software allows marketing professionals to automate most of the essential tasks like A/B testing and customer data tracking without effort.

If you are looking for an efficient email marketing automation solution, you cannot go past ConvertKit. Here are the main features that make this ESP attractive to businesses:

  • 1

    Wonderful subscription list management capabilities.

    ConvertKit provides you with the ability to add tags automatically depending on what link a subscriber has clicked in your message. The platform’s filtering system is praiseworthy too. You can easily segment your audience using tags, custom fields, etc.
  • 2

    Automated email funnels.

    The software enables you to join events, actions, and conditions in one email funnel. Using ConvertKit’s smart filters, you can also exclude customers from product pitches.
  • 3

    The deliverability rate of 98%.

    That almost eliminates the risk of your emails landing in spam instead of the inbox.
  • 4

    An easy-to-use email designer

    with an intuitive interface for clean formatting and quick content creation. However, it is fairly basic and allows you to create simple messages only. If you want to build a custom, engaging email with a high chance of being opened and read, we recommend hiring our ConvertKit email templates development team.

Why Build Custom ConvertKit Email Templates

ConvertKit offers its users three kinds of email templates: starting point, classic, and HTML. They all differ in certain aspects such as the method and level of customization, business scenarios under which you can use them, and more.

A starting point template is the latest type of ConvertKit template. You can completely edit them in the default email template editor and even add custom CSS.

A classic template is the predecessor of a starting point template. In contrast to the latter, you can only change the default content block of a classic template in the email editor. To modify the rest of the template, you need the visual email template editor. Adding custom CSS to a classic template is possible too.

Unlike the previous two flavors of ConvertKit email templates that are used to create pretty simple emails, an HTML template is intended to build unique emails using custom HTML and CSS. You can’t edit HTML templates in the email editor and need to use the HTML template editor instead.

Of the three types, our ConvertKit HTML email template development experts recommend the last one since it can really help your messages stand out. Some other benefits:
  • 1
    Your recipients will be more inclined to respond to a branded, custom email that looks professional as they will trust you more.
  • 2
    Your emails will match in style your other marketing materials, including your website, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages, etc. One reason for that is the option to use custom fonts, which is often impossible with pre-made templates, even the best ones. When all your marketing channels are uniform in their look and feel, it creates a positive customer experience and leads to better brand recognition, setting you apart from the competition.
  • 3
    Preparing and executing campaigns will become easier and quicker. Once you have a custom template in place, you can customize it just like you do with a pre-built template. Replace the visuals and text with those you need for your current campaign and you are done. What’s more, our ConvertKit email development pros can develop a collection of HTML/CSS modules that you can put into specific types of emails: welcome messages, newsletters, special offers, and many more.

How to Integrate Custom ConvertKit Templates

To use your custom template with the ConvertKit service, follow the instructions below:
  • 1
    Log into your ConvertKit account.
  • 2
    In the upper right hand corner, click your profile picture.
  • 3
    Choose Email.
  • 4
    On the Account settings page, click Email template on the upper right.
  • 5
    On the Email templates page, click the New Email Template button.
  • 6
    In the next window, click Create HTML Template.
  • 7
    Open your custom email template .html file in any code editor and copy the source code.
  • 8
    Return to the ConvertKit editor and paste the code you have just copied.
  • 9
    Enter your template name into the Template Name field.
  • 10
    On the bottom right, click Save.

ConvertKit Email Templates Development: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept all design formats or are there certain restrictions?

    We work with a wide variety of graphic file types, such as Figma, AI, XD, PSD, Sketch, and a multitude of other formats.

  • Do you provide a dedicated PM service?

    Sure. Once you give us the green light to set to work, we will assign a dedicated PM to your project to make sure the team meets all of your requirements exactly. Feel free to get in touch with your personal manager for updates and questions during our business hours using any convenient contact method: Slack, Skype, email, phone, etc.

  • Do you require submitting a design or do you provide a design service as well?

    You don’t need to attach a design. If you don’t have one, our experienced designers will make it for you based on your ideas and preferences. We only need some essential details about your email, such as the number of sections, the content you want to include in your message, and some other nitty-gritty.

  • Is EmailCraft a white label ConvertKit email development services provider?

    Yes. We will write the code for your template without specifying our brand name anywhere within it. What you do with that code once we have delivered it is up to you and you alone. No one will know that we made the template.

  • Do you develop email templates for another ESP apart from ConvertKit?

    We build custom HTML templates that work perfectly with many different email service providers. Here is the list:

    • MailChimp
    • HubSpot
    • Sendy
    • ActiveCampaign
    • Keap
    • SalesForce
    • Mailgun
  • What is your usual timeline to build a ConvertKit email template?

    It’s hard to give a definite answer to this question because too many variables are in play. We need to know how many custom blocks your email contains, how complex its layout is, and some other important details. The standard turnaround time for our ConvertKit HTML email templates development team is 7 business hours per template. Need faster than that? Just give us the deadline. We will adjust.