Mailchimp Email Templates Development Service to Grow Your Brand or Agency

We create custom-tailored, responsive, pixel-perfect, B2B & B2C friendly email templates that you can integrate with Mailchimp without effort. Set up your campaigns in minutes.

Mailchimp HTML Email Templates Development Service That Drives Growth

Are you a brand or agency owner in need of a reputable Mailchimp HTML email development company to build a custom template for your next successful campaign? You have landed on the right page.

Immediate Start

We will get down to work the moment you blow the kick-off whistle. No delays.

Super Fast Delivery

It normally takes us 7 business hours to build a template. Want faster? Just say when you need the job done.

Unrivaled Expertise

We have been in business since 2005, delivering top-quality solutions to agencies and brands worldwide.

What Our Mailchimp Email Templates Development Service Is Famous For

Ultrafast Delivery

It usually takes us 7 business hours to develop one template. Can’t wait so long? We will work faster.

First-Class Design Service

Need a design ASAP? We will make one that matches your vision precisely in no time flat.

Responsive Email Templates

Responsiveness is a default with our ActiveCampaign HTML email templates development service.

Comprehensive Testing

We test templates on 12+ real devices and in over 70 email clients.

Mobile-First Approach

Our templates render ideally across mobile devices and platforms.

Spotless Code

We deliver clean, well-validated code that any developer will understand at once.

Our Mailchimp HTML Email Templates Development Process Step by Step

  • 1


    Choose the development and compatibility options for your Mailchimp template. The project ETA and cost will appear in the Summary area on the right. Next, attach your design file(s) and click Order Now to get your project underway.
  • 2


    Our Mailchimp HTML email development experts start coding your template at full steam.
  • 3


    Our QA pros test the template across more than 70 email clients and 12 real devices to guarantee the highest quality.
  • 4


    You get your absolutely flawless, responsive, and Mailchimp-compliant template right on time.

Here is a Sneak Peek of Some Templates We Have Built

Why Mailchimp

Nowadays, marketers have a much wider choice of online advertising methods than before (e.g., social media). However, email marketing still tops the table as far as promoting goods and services on the Internet goes.

Over the past decade and a half, email marketing has evolved immensely. Marketing professionals can now use highly efficient, AI-assisted tools to automate almost every aspect of their work, starting from customer data tracking and split testing execution to designing templates and triggering event-based emails.

One of the most well-known and popular automation tools available on the market today is Mailchimp. Businesses choose it, in particular, thanks to these great features:

  • 1

    Amazing A/B testing capabilities.

    Mailchimp allows you to create and fine-tune your email marketing campaigns more effectively than any other similar tool. You will get suggestions for making your content better based on the best-performing emails in your line of business. Mailchimp will also recommend the most optimal times to send your emails.
  • 2

    Incredibly high delivery rate of over 99%.

    Very few email automation services can equal Mailchimp in this respect. Its team deals with all the technical nitty-gritty while you can perfect your content for more successful campaigns.
  • 3

    Powerful personalization and segmentation tools

    that allow users to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • 4

    A large gallery of pre-designed templates

    for every industry and campaign type. You can customize the templates quickly and easily. Mind, however, that to make your emails truly unique and engaging for higher open and read rates, we recommend ordering custom templates from a respectable Mailchimp email templates development company.

Why Custom Mailchimp Email Templates Are a Perfect Option

Mailchimp, one of the most long-standing email service providers, offers an extensive collection of ready-made templates for every stage of the customer journey and every type of campaign: welcome emails, promotional emails, and so forth.

The templates have been designed by experts, and you can customize them without effort to achieve your specific campaign goals.

We must say it, though. If you decide to use one of the available templates, your email may turn out to look like a host of others. Why? That is because any other company in your niche can take the same template, tweak it a bit, and send it to the same recipient. That may negatively impact your open, read, and response rates.

How can you avoid that pitfall? Our advice is to hire Mailchimp HTML email template development professionals to build a custom template for you. They will make your email unique in its layout and typeface, improving your chances to engage those on your subscription list.

How can you benefit from having a custom Mailchimp email template built for you?
  • 1
    The recipients will be more likely to respond to your messages, seeing that they match your brand style and look professional.
  • 2
    You will be able to align your emails with the rest of your company’s marketing channels, such as your social media and website, creating a positive customer experience. A custom template allows you to use any design elements you want (e.g., custom fonts), setting yourself apart from the competition. Pre-made templates, on the other hand, often restrict email designers in their customization efforts.
  • 3
    You will spend much less time preparing your campaigns. A custom and pre-built template are similar in how easily you can change their content for another campaign. Just replace the images and text inside a template and you are good to go. Besides, our Mailchimp email development experts can create a library of modules that you can quickly add to different types of emails: alerts, promotional emails, newsletters, and many more.

How to Integrate Custom Mailchimp Templates

To integrate your custom HTML template with Mailchimp, go through the following steps:
  • 1
    Log into your Mailchimp account.
  • 2
    Click Campaigns.
  • 3
    Choose Email templates.
  • 4
    Click the Create Template button.
  • 5
    Select the Code your own tab.
  • 6
    Select the Paste in code option.
  • 7
    Open your custom template file in any text editor and copy its code.
  • 8
    Return to Mailchimp.
  • 9
    One the Edit code tab, replace the example code with the HTML code you have copied.
  • 10
    Click the Save button.
  • 11
    Click Save and Exit.
  • 12
    In the Save Template dialog box, give a name to your template.
  • 13
    Click Save.

Mailchimp Email Templates Development: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your standard delivery time for one Mailchimp email template?

    We can’t give you an answer to this question straight away. The exact turnaround time is determined by several considerations. How complex is the layout? How many unique sections or elements does the template contain? Only having all those details on hand can we say how long it will take us to get the work done. On average, our Mailchimp HTML email templates development pros build a template in 7 business hours.

  • Do you work with all design formats or specific ones only?

    Whatever design file type you have - Figma, Sketch, AI, XD, PSD, or something else - we accept all modern formats.

  • Does EmailCraft offer white label Mailchimp email development services?

    Sure. We hand code your Mailchimp email template and deliver it to you. You are absolutely free to use that code in any way you please. The EmailCraft brand will not be referred to anywhere within the template.

  • What other ESPs do you develop email templates for along with Mailchimp?

    We build templates that integrate seamlessly with a broad range of popular email service providers, namely:

    • Keap
    • Mailgun
    • HubSpot
    • ActiveCampaign
    • Sendy
    • ConvertKit
    • Salesforce
  • Is attaching a design required or will you design the template for me?

    No, submitting a design is not necessary. If you currently have no design for your Mailchimp email template, our designers will make one for you in accordance with your ideas and needs. Just give us some basic info about the email to get us on the right track. That includes the number of content sections, the email type, and a few other details.

  • Will I have a dedicated PM assigned to my project?

    Certainly. You will have a dedicated PM on your project. This person is responsible for making sure that the team does the work in exact compliance with your specifications. You can get in touch with your manager at any moment during the working day to track the project status and ask questions. Use whatever communication channel you prefer: email, phone, or any messenger.