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We develop uniquely designed, responsive, engaging, and clean-coded email templates that fit perfectly with Keap. Get more of your emails opened, read, and responded to.

Keap HTML Email Templates Development to Deliver Great Campaigns

Are you an agency or business owner trying to find a reputable Keap HTML email development company to create a custom template for your campaign ASAP? You have come to the right place.

Get Your Project Kicked Off at Once

We have plenty of resources to start working on your template without a moment’s delay.

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17+ years of operation and thousands of happy clients. We wouldn’t stay in business for so long unless we deliver top quality.

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Our standard turnaround time is 7 business hours. Not fast enough? Just tell us when you want the job done.

Order Our Keap Email Templates Development Service and You Can Expect

Fully Responsive Templates

By purchasing our Keap HTML Email templates development service, you get responsiveness as a default.

First-Rate Design Service

If you have no design for your template, our expert designers can make one for you in next to no time.

Expeditious Delivery

Our normal turnaround time is 7 business hours. Can’t wait that long? We can work twice as fast.

Mobile Friendliness

Our code is mobile-first, meaning it renders perfectly across platforms and devices.

No Emulator Testing

We test all our templates using real devices only. Perfect rendering guaranteed.

Hand-Coded Solutions

All our code is hand-written in compliance with the best industry standards.

Our Keap HTML Email Templates Development Order Fulfillment Workflow

  • 1

    You place an order.

    Choose the development and compatibility options on the order page. You will see your project timeline and cost in the Summary box on the right. If those suit you, attach your design file and hit Order Now.
  • 2

    We develop your template.

    Our Keap HTML email development wizards get down to building their next masterpiece for you.
  • 3

    We test the finished template.

    We view your template in 70+ different email clients and on 12 real devices to know that it renders exactly as you expect.
  • 4

    You receive your template.

    We send you the impeccably coded, responsive, and well-tested template on time or earlier.

Some Great Examples of What We Can Do

Why Keap

After many years, email marketing is still a chart-topping online advertising method favored by businesses, although marketers can now use many other efficient promotional mechanisms such as social media.

One of the reasons behind this tremendous popularity is the multitude of modern automation solutions at the disposal of marketing professionals. Those tools make it possible to automate virtually any email marketing activity, from customer data tracking and a/b testing to event-based email triggering.

Among automation tools like those, Keap has established itself as one of the most effective ones. These are some of its noteworthy features:

  • 1

    Excellent segmentation capabilities.

    One essential characteristic of an email marketing service is the ability to group subscribers according to their interests, preferences, and so on. In this respect, Keap truly shines, automatically tagging a lead once they have registered and segmenting audiences based on specific criteria.
  • 2

    Effortless migration from other ESPs.

    Keap’s migration team will easily transfer your contacts and data without causing interruptions in your business flow. Migrate from other services like MailChimp super fast.
  • 3

    High open and click rates.

    Keap delivers an average open rate of 20% and an average click rate of 13% - higher than the industry standard.
  • 4

    A gallery of ready-made templates.

    You are sure to find the right fit for your specific business among the templates in the Keap collection. One thing to note: while those templates are customizable, to get your emails noticed by your audience, you need to make them truly unique - something that our Keap email templates development team excels at.

Why Building Custom Keap Email Templates Is Worthwhile

Keap offers its users a sizable gallery of pre-made email templates for different kinds of businesses, including fitness, e-commerce, healthcare, etc., as well as for different occasions, such as flash sales, promos, and more.

The templates are worthy of praise. They are expertly designed and easy to customize for a specific campaign in just a few clicks .

With all that being said, pre-made templates have one serious weakness. Since the collection size is limited, your email may look like many others that your competitors send. After all, they can take the same template and tweak it to suit their needs. Thus, your message may get lost among tens of other almost identical ones.

Do you really want to engage your recipients, enticing them to open, read, and respond to your emails? Then you need to make the latter as different from those other businesses send as possible, both visually and content-wise. While you can handle the content yourself, we advise you to hire Keap HTML email development pros to deal with the visual aspect, creating a custom template for you.

These are the key benefits you gain by ordering a custom email template development service:
  • 1
    Your letters will have a higher chance to be responded to. A custom, branded email that looks professional is likely to deserve more attention.
  • 2
    You will be able to implement all your marketing materials in the same unique brand style. Custom templates, unlike most pre-designed ones, give their creators freedom regarding the use of fonts. Thus you can apply your own corporate typeface to your website and emails, contributing to a positive customer experience and distinguishing yourself from others.
  • 3
    Preparing campaigns will take a much shorter time. Just like a pre-designed template, you can easily and quickly edit a custom one. All you have to do is substitute the images and text blocks to meet the objectives of a particular campaign. Additionally, our Keap email development professionals can build a collection of modules for different types of messages (e.g., promotional emails) to speed up the process even more.

Keap Email Templates Development: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I order white label Keap email development services from you?

    Sure. We will hand code your Keap email template from the design you have provided. You are absolutely free to decide what you will do with it next. There will be not a single reference to EmailCraft in the code. The entire credit goes to you.

  • Is submitting a design required or can you design the template for me?

    You don’t need to attach a design file. Should you have no design for your Keap email template, our expert designers will make one for you within the shortest time frame. We only need some details to get started. Those include the type of email, the number of content sections, the layout, and a few other characteristics.

  • What other ESPs do you develop email templates for in addition to Keap?

    Our offering includes the development of templates for a broad spectrum of email service providers. In particular, we cover:

    • MailChimp
    • HubSpot
    • ConvertKit
    • Sendy
    • ActiveCampaign
    • SalesForce
    • Mailgun
  • How fast can you build one Keap email template on average?

    To answer this question, we need to have some basic information about your email. Specifically, we need to know what type of email it is (e.g., a newsletter, a welcome message, a promotional email, etc.), how many unique content blocks it features, etc. Typically, our Keap HTML email templates development experts spend 7 business hours developing one template. If you are pushed for time, we can cut down that time almost in half.

  • Will you attach a dedicated PM to my project?

    Certainly. You will have a dedicated PM assigned to your project. They will keep you up-to-date regarding the template development progress and respond to your queries. You can reach out to them throughout the business day via any convenient communication channel, including Skype, Slack, phone, email, or whatever else you prefer.

  • Can I attach a design in any format?

    Yes. We accept every modern design format, with Figma, PSD, Sketch, AI, and XD being the most common ones.