Sendy Email Templates Development for Businesses to Scale Up Fast

Get a custom, pixel-perfect, mobile-optimized email template that integrates seamlessly with Sendy in just 7 hours. Increase your open, read, and response rates.

Sendy HTML Email Templates Development for Agencies & Brands That Are Eager to Grow

Are you an agency or brand owner looking for trustworthy Sendy HTML email development experts to build custom templates for your marketing needs? EmailCraft is the right fit.

Get Your Project Started Right off the Bat

Once you give us consent to begin your project, we start coding immediately.

Have Your Templates Delivered When You Need Them

7 hours - that’s how long it usually takes us to develop one template. Can’t wait that long? We will work faster.

Enjoy Top Quality

We have been crafting email templates for 17+ years and know how crucial quality is for every business.

Why Order Our Sendy Email
Templates Development

Responsive Solutions

With our Sendy HTML email templates development service, we offer responsiveness as a default option.

Superb Design Service

Need a template design ASAP? Just give us a few details and we will create a design as you see it in your mind’s eye.

Fast Delivery Times

Our standard turnaround time is 7 business hours, but we can deliver much faster if you are in a rush.

Standards-Compliant Code

We write code with our own hands. It is clean, lean, and lightning-fast.

Real-World Testing

We only use physical devices to make sure your templates render as expected.


We guarantee that your templates will work fine across mobile devices and platforms.

Our 4-Step Sendy HTML Email Templates Development Flow

  • 1


    Choose the development and compatibility options as required. You will see the price and ETA in the Summary box on the right. Attach your design(s) and hit Order Now. It is our turn to act.
  • 2


    The EmailCraft Sendy HTML email development team gets down to coding without a moment’s delay.
  • 3


    We view the finished product on 12 real devices and in more than 70 email clients to be confident that everything works properly.
  • 4


    You get your expertly crafted email templates that you can add to Sendy with just a few clicks.

Examples of Our Sendy-Compliant
Email Templates

Why Sendy

These days, marketers can choose from among a wide variety of methods to promote their products or services on the Internet. That being said, email marketing is still the number one option as far as online advertising goes.

Email marketing has become much easier to execute thanks to numerous automation solutions that have emerged over the past couple of decades. Those tools allow marketers to automate all kinds of tasks, from designing email templates and segmenting target audiences to triggering event-based alerts.

Sendy is one of the email marketing automation services that make creating and managing campaigns a breeze. Among the app’s attractions that our Sendy email templates development experts like most are:

  • 1

    Low campaign costs.

    Business is all about making as much money as possible while staying within the budget. In this respect, Sendy allows you to save a great deal on your email marketing by sending multi-threaded emails through Amazon SES at just $1 for 10,000 emails. Efficiency at its best!
  • 2

    Amazing reporting capabilities.

    Sendy presents opens, bounces, complaints, and clicks in an easily digestible visual format. It also allows you to export entire segments from your reports for re-targeting purposes.
  • 3

    Effortless list & subscriber management.

    Sendy provides you with such features as mass import and delete, custom subscribe and unsubscribe confirmation page, thank you / good-bye emails, and more.
  • 4

    Custom fields.

    Customer data is probably the greatest asset when it comes to email marketing. It enables you to fine-tune your emails to achieve the best results from your campaigns. With Sendy, you can create multiple custom fields. That allows you to store more customer data in order to create highly connected experiences.

Why Building Custom Sendy Email Templates Always Pays Off

Sendy is a wonderful email marketing automation service with tons of features to make your campaigns less expensive and more successful. That includes third-party integrations, simple list & subscriber management, custom fields, and much more.

One thing that differentiates the app from similar tools, though, is quite a limited built-in email builder. Yes, you can certainly create emails using this default editor yourself, but it is not as handy or feature-rich as platforms like HubSpot provide.

One walkaround is to import ready-designed templates, which you can find in abundance on the Internet. However, even the best pre-made templates have their limitations regarding the layout, font, and some other crucial design elements. You can replace images and text, and it might look close to what you want but still not close enough.

If you really want to engage your recipients, you need to make your emails look special, different from those your competitors send. Everything matters here, from typeface to layout. If you are not versed in HTML/CSS yourself, we recommend hiring Sendy HTML email template development professionals to make custom templates for your campaigns.

Here are the main advantages that you gain by ordering a custom Sendy email template:
  • 1
    You will get your campaigns up and running way faster. Custom email templates, just like premade ones, can be quickly edited to meet particular campaign needs. Just place new text and images into the template instead of the old ones and you are good to go. What’s more, our Sendy email development pros can build a collection of modules that you can insert into a custom template for a specific email type like a promotional message.
  • 2
    Your recipients will be more likely to reply to your emails. An engaging email made in your unique brand style - what can be more trustworthy than that?
  • 3
    You will be able to make your emails match the rest of your marketing materials like social media. They will have the same custom font that you use on your website, for example. With pre-made templates, even premium ones, that is not always possible. The style uniformness that you thus achieve creates a positive customer experience and contributes to higher open, read, and response rates.

How to Upload Custom Sendy Templates

To import your custom email template into Sendy, follow this procedure:
  • 1
    Log into your Sendy account.
  • 2
    Click the Create a new template button. You will see a code editor.
  • 3
    Open the source code of your template in any text editor.
  • 4
    Copy and paste the HTML code into the Sendy editor.
  • 5
    Enter the template name into the Template name field.
  • 6
    Click the Save template button.
  • 7
    In the top menu of the Sendy editor, click the image button. That will open the Image Properties dialog box.
  • 8
    Select the Upload tab.
  • 9
    Choose an image for your template.
  • 10
    Click the Send to the server button. You will see the image URL appear in the URL field. Copy it.
  • 11
    Click OK to return to the HTML code.
  • 12
    Search for the image in the code and replace its URL with the one you have just copied.
  • 13
    Save and preview the template.

Sendy Email Templates Development: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to submit a design or can you design a Sendy template for me?

    You don’t need to. EmailCraft has a fantastic team of experienced and talented designers on board. If you have no design for your email template just yet, you can take advantage of their unmatched creative expertise. We would only ask you to give us some essential information about the email type, number of sections, and so on.

  • Do you work with all design formats?

    We accept all modern graphic design file types, such as XD, PSD, Sketch, Figma, AI, and a plethora of others.

  • Do you provide a dedicated PM?

    Certainly. Once you OK us to get your template development started, you will have a dedicated PM to keep you informed about the project progress and respond to your queries. Use a convenient communication method to contact them anytime during the working day: Slack, Skype, phone, email, or any other.

  • Do you make email templates for Sendy only or for some other ESPs too?

    Apart from building Sendy email templates, we cater for these email service providers:

    • Salesforce
    • Keap
    • Mailgun
    • ConvertKit
    • MailChimp
    • ActiveCampaign
    • HubSpot
  • What is your average delivery time for a Sendy email template?

    On average, our Sendy HTML email templates development professionals build one template in 7 business hours. However, it may take longer or shorter depending on the template’s features. That includes its layout (simple or complex), the number of custom elements, and other considerations. If you need a template made in less than the usual turnaround time, we can use our parallel development method to deliver when you require.

  • Can I order white label Sendy email development services?

    Sure. EmailCraft does all the under-the-hood work to build your responsive, pixel-perfect, and engaging Sendy email template and then gives you complete control over how you are going to use it. Not a single code line will include our brand name.