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HubSpot HTML Email Templates
for Perfect Customer Experiences

Are you a brand or agency owner searching for a reliable HubSpot HTML email development service provider to create custom templates for your next campaign? EmailCraft is here to help.

Instant Start

With our large tech talent pool, we will begin working on your template once you tell us so.

Unmatched Quality

With thousands of email templates crafted over 17+ years, we know how to give you exactly what you want.

ASAP Delivery

Need email templates ASAP? Our parallel development method enables us to finish projects in just 3-4 hours.

How You Benefit by Ordering Our HubSpot Email Templates Development Service

Unique, Responsive Templates

With our HubSpot HTML email templates development service, responsiveness is a default option.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

It takes us just 7 business hours to complete one template. Need faster? Just tell us when.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

All our templates look spotless across platforms and devices.

Physical Device Testing

We use real devices to make sure that your templates look as they should everywhere.

Top-Notch Design Service

Need a design for your HubSpot email template urgently? We’ve got you covered.

Clean Code

We hand-code templates in compliance with the best development practices.

Our HubSpot HTML Email Templates Development Workflow

  • 1

    You place an order.

    On the order page, pick the required development and compatibility options. The project cost and delivery time will be displayed in the Summary. Then attach your designs and click the Order Now button.
  • 2

    We code.

    Our HubSpot HTML email development pros start doing what they excel at, which is creating top-quality templates that engage and convert.
  • 3

    We test.

    We make sure that the finished templates look immaculate, running them on 12 real devices and in 70+ email clients.
  • 4

    You receive your templates.

    You get your custom-made, pixel-perfect, and responsive email templates that you can integrate with HubSpot in minutes.

Check Out Some of Our Best

Why HubSpot

Although present-day marketers can use a wide range of methods to promote products or services to online audiences, emails remain one of the most effective and popular Internet advertising media.

Of course, email marketing as we know it today is a far cry from what it used to be around 10-15 years ago thanks to many robust, AI-powered software solutions. Marketers can use them to automate the entire email marketing flow, from designing email templates to executing split testing and tracking customer data.

One of the best automation tools available at the moment is HubSpot. Here are some of its noteworthy features:

  • 1

    Handy drag-and-drop email builder.

    Using it, you can quickly create letters for all types of campaigns. They will look professional, reflect your brand specifics, and render perfectly wherever they are opened. Plus, you have a good collection of pre-designed templates to choose from. For the best results, though, we recommend ordering custom templates from a reliable HubSpot email templates development service.
  • 2

    Ample personalization options.

    The information in the HubSpot contact database allows you to fine-tune your emails to match a specific recipient’s preferences. Choose the best subject lines, address particular pain points, provide the most enticing CTAs, and so on.
  • 3

    Excellent analytics capabilities.

    HubSpot equips you with highly efficient tools to execute split testing and evaluate its results. You can assess exactly what impact a certain subject line, content, or CTA has had on your targets. You can also find out what devices and web browsers your audience uses to view your emails, and many other details to enhance your marketing efforts.

Why Building Custom HubSpot Email Templates Is Wise

HubSpot features a sizable collection of email templates of different types: holiday, follow-up, pre/post sales meeting, customer service, proven sales, out-of-office, for startups, for marketing and sales, and more.

They are free, expertly designed, and responsive out of the box. You can save a lot of time and effort by downloading one of those and tweaking its content to suit your needs.

However, there is a serious downside. When you use a HubSpot-provided template, more often than not, you can expect your message to be similar to other emails in the recipient’s inbox, because another marketer may use the same template. As a result, your open and read rates may suffer. You wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

The best solution to this problem is to create a custom email template that looks completely different from those your competitors use. It should have a unique typeface, layout, and style. If you know HTML & CSS, you can try building a template like that yourself. Otherwise, consider hiring expert HubSpot HTML email development professionals for the job.

Here are the main advantages you gain by building a custom HubSpot email template or having it developed for you:
  • 1
    You will align your emails with the rest of your marketing channels. That includes your social media accounts, website, and so on. Pre-designed templates don’t give you so much freedom in choosing a specific typeface as custom ones do. You can pick a font that no other market player in your niche uses. That way, you will create a positive customer experience. Your recipients will easily recognize your brand.
  • 2
    You will increase your response rate. When your email looks professional and matches your brand style (fonts, colors, etc.), recipients are more likely to answer it.
  • 3
    You will get your campaigns underway much more quickly. Once you have a custom template in place, you can edit its content just like you do with a ready-made one. That speeds up configuring your campaigns tremendously. For an even faster setup, our HubSpot email development wizards can build a collection of modules to fit into various types of emails that you send such as newsletters or triggered messages.

How to Add Custom Email Templates to HubSpot

Go through these steps to integrate your custom HubSpot template for your next automated email blast:
  • 1
    Log into your HubSpot account.
  • 2
    Go to Marketing -> Files and Templates -> Design Tools.
  • 3
    In the dialog window that appears, click What would you like to build today?
  • 4
    Click HTML & HUBL.
  • 5
    Click Next.
  • 6
    Specify the details of the newly created file:
    • Choose Template.
    • Select Email as the template type.
    • Name your file.
    • Click the Change link and select the folder where you want to store the file.
  • 7
    Click Create.
  • 8
    Copy and paste the HTML code of the delivered template.
  • 9
    Toggle the Show output switch on to preview how HubL code will render.
  • 10
    In the upper right corner, select Preview to see how the template will display in the content editor.
  • 11
    In the upper right corner, click Publish changes.

HubSpot Email Templates Development: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you design the template for me or do I have to submit the design?

    Should you have no design for your HubSpot email template on hand yet, our expert designers can craft one based on your ideas and needs. Just provide us with key details about the email: its type, the content you want to include in it, the number of sections, and some other info. Leave the rest to us.

  • What graphic file types do you accept?

    There are no restrictions as far as design formats are concerned. You can send us AI, XD, PSD, Sketch, Figma, or any other files.

  • Does your offering include white label HubSpot email development services?

    Certainly. We will build a HubSpot email template in full compliance with your specifications without a single line of code where EmailCraft is credited. The template is your exclusive property and you can use it however you see fit.

  • Do you create email templates for other ESPs in addition to HubSpot?

    Yes. We develop custom templates that you can use with other popular email service providers apart from HubSpot. In particular, we specialize in:

    • Keap
    • ActiveCampaign
    • ConvertKit
    • Salesforce
    • Mailgun
    • MailChimp
    • Sendy
  • What is the standard time to build a HubSpot email template?

    This is a question without a straightforward answer. It’s all template-specific. How many sections does the template feature? How many unique elements does it contain? How elaborate is its layout? Only knowing these key details can we tell you how long it will take us to deliver the template. Normally, our HubSpot HTML email templates development professionals build one template in 7 business hours.

  • Will I have a dedicated PM on my project?

    Sure. As soon as you give us the thumbs up to begin working on your template, you will have a dedicated project manager to update you on the development progress and reply to your questions. The PM is available throughout the business day via any communication channel you prefer, including Skype, Slack, phone, email, and more.