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We build custom, responsive, and cross-platform compatible email templates that you can integrate with Mailgun in no time flat. Launch your campaigns as fast as never before.

Mailgun HTML Email Templates Development Service to Increase Your Customer Base

Searching for a reliable Mailgun HTML email development company to attract more leads to your business and convert them into customers? EmailCraft is just what you need.

Get Your Template Development Started Right Away

We only need a nod from you to set out to work. No delays. No excuses.

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We develop templates in just 7 business hours. Long? Just say when then. We will adjust.

Enjoy the Quality You Deserve

For the past 17+ years, we have built thousands of email templates, always sticking to the highest quality standards.

What Our Mailgun Email
Templates Development
Team Guarantees

Responsiveness by Default

When you order our Mailgun HTML email templates development service, you get responsiveness as an included option.

Top-Notch Design Service

No design on hand yet? No worries. Give us a few basic details and we will make one for you in a jiffy.

Real Device Testing

We use no emulators for testing. Only physical devices (12+).

Speedy Delivery

We normally spend 7 hours on one template, but can cut this time down in two for you.

Mobile Optimization

All our templates render immaculately across smartphones and tablets.

Impressive Quality

We write code that is as clean as a whistle by following the best development practices.

Our Time-Tested Mailgun HTML Email Templates Development Process

  • 1

    Your move: order.

    Pick the development and compatibility options you want for your template. The total project cost and its timeline will appear in the Summary section on the right. Upload your design(s) and click Order Now.
  • 2

    Our move: development.

    Our Mailgun HTML email development experts jump right in and start writing code as fast as they can.
  • 3

    Our move: testing.

    We use 12 real devices and more than 70 email clients to make certain that no bugs have crept in.
  • 4

    Our move: delivery.

    Once we are absolutely confident that everything is working as it should, we deliver the templates to you for review and approval.

Check Out Some of Our Amazing
Mailgun Templates

Why Mailgun

Nowadays, marketers are not not short on methods of online advertising like social media. Nevertheless, email marketing still holds first place as a tool to promote products/services on the Internet.

The present-day email marketing is not the same it was a decade or so ago. The robust automation solutions that have come into use recently make it possible to prepare and launch campaigns very quickly, taking care of most routine tasks, such as split tests execution, customer data tracking, and more.

Among those solutions, the email delivery service Mailgun deserves special praise thanks to its amazing features. Here is some functionality that attracts businesses to this platform:

  • 1

    Easy-to-use and efficient email editor.

    It allows you to create engaging, well-organized emails in minutes. You can also segment your target audience into specific groups, personalize each email to cater for the recipient’s preferences, and perform a/b testing. The cherry on top: the editor is free (at least for now).
  • 2

    Enterprise-level email sending capabilities.

    Mailgun is a dream solution for businesses that want to grow. The straightforward, RESTful API and easy SMTP integration contribute to effortless scaling.
  • 3

    Pinpoint accurate email verification.

    With Mailgun, you know exactly which address you can send your mail to and which not thanks to the real-time Verification API.
  • 4

    Best deliverability for those who send emails in the millions.

    The Mailgun team assists businesses with setting up custom strategies to make sure every email lands in the right inbox even when the volume is very high. That is another reason why our Mailgun email templates development team recommends this platform to growth-driven companies.

Why Custom Mailgun Email Templates Are a Better Option

Just like any respectable email delivery service, Mailgun provides its users with a good gallery of ready-made email templates at no extra cost. The collection includes templates of various types, such as transactional, e-commerce, travel, and more.

They are all expertly designed and responsive out of the box. You can customize them to meet the needs of a specific campaign in only a few clicks.

Don’t get carried away too soon, though. One drawback of using a premade template is the risk that your email will look identical to those your competitors send. After all, nothing keeps the latter from downloading the same template you have. Thus, your open and read rates may plummet.

How can you fix that? You need to make your email as unique as you can, concerning its layout, fonts, and images. Then it will have a higher chance to engage the reader. The best way to build a template like that is to hire Mailgun HTML email template development professionals, even if it incurs expenses. The result matters more than money.

These are the key benefits that you can expect when ordering a custom email template:
  • 1
    Your emails will match all your marketing materials in style, creating a positive customer experience and contributing to better brand recognition. Even high-end ready-made templates impose certain restrictions related to the choice of a layout and the use of fonts. Custom templates, on the other hand, set you absolutely free in this respect. That means you can use your brand-specific fonts everywhere: on your social media and website, in emails, etc.
  • 2
    To set up campaigns will become easier and quicker. Just like a pre-designed email template, a custom template takes minutes to customize. Put in new text and images, edit some basic details, and that’s it. What’s more, our Mailgun email development team can build a collection of modules that you can easily integrate into your custom template before launching a specific campaign type.
  • 3
    Recipients will be more disposed to respond, seeing an engaging, professional-looking email made in your unique brand style.

How to Integrate Custom Mailgun Templates

Go through these steps to add your template to Mailgun for your next email marketing campaign:
  • 1
    Log into your Mailgun account.
  • 2
    In the Dashboard on the left, expand the Sending tab.
  • 3
    Choose Templates.
  • 4
    In the upper right corner, click the Create the Message Template button.
  • 5
    In the window that appears, select Blank template.
  • 6
    In the Mailgun editor window, enter the name and description of your template.
  • 7
    Open your template in any code editor and copy its HTML code.
  • 8
    Go back to the Mailgun code editor and paste the code you have just copied.
  • 9
    Click Preview to make sure your email renders correctly.
  • 10
    Hit the Create button.

Mailgun Email Templates Development: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I submit any design format?

    Yes, you can upload a design file of virtually any type: PSD, Sketch, Figma, XD, AI, and many, many more.

  • Do you offer white label Mailgun email development services?

    Yes. The arrangement is this: we work on the email template code from start to finish and then deliver it to you for use in any way you desire. From then on, It’s your private property and EmailCraft has no connection to it.

  • Can you make a design of my template or do I need to provide one?

    Yes, we can certainly create a design for your Mailgun template. EmailCraft has a team of experienced designers who can help you translate your ideas into reality in a very short time. All we need is some essential details about your future email: its type, number of custom elements, layout, and some other info to get started.

  • What other ESPs do you develop email templates for (if any)?

    Mailgun is not the only email service provider we cover. We also create templates that work with these platforms:

    • SalesForce
    • MailChimp
    • Keap
    • HubSpot
    • ActiveCampaign
    • ConvertKit
    • Sendy
  • What is your ordinary turnaround time for one Mailgun email template?

    That’s all case-specific. To come up with a precise timeline, we need to know certain important details about the email. For example, what layout it will have (complex or straightforward), how many unique design elements it will feature, and some other information.

    As a rule, our Mailgun HTML email template development professionals need 7 hours to finish one template. If that sounds too long, we will do our best to deliver your template when you need it.

  • Will there be a dedicated PM?

    We assign a dedicated project manager to every project that we take on. Yours will be no exception. Your PM will keep you in the loop about your template development progress and answer your questions. Get in touch with them throughout the business hours using your preferred contact method, including any messenger, email, phone, or whatever.